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A little bit about Hüseyin

Everything started with my first computer "Commodore64" when i was 9 y.o. Most of my friends playing video games with it but i preferred programming Basic Programming language with my Commodore.

When i attended Ankara University Electronics Department, i always preferred programming courses in my department. Thats why i finished my university education in 6.5 years which is normally 4 years :). During my university life i worked in university IT Department as a trainee student and gave some service to other IT companies as a freelancer programmer.

After graduation from university i completed my military service as a lieutenant in Turkish Army. After the military service i came back to my home city (Antalya) then married. Now i have a son "Boğaçhan"

I worked as a Senior Software Developer at Starsale Turkey more than 3 years. And i left that company and started to work as a freelancer. Now i am working in our company 4Ys. And also i am giving IT and Electronics consulting for some companies in Antalya

Developing software is my job but its not only job for me... its my hobby. i like solving problems so thats why i am enjoying with me job. In my free time i am also doing small farming in my hometown. when i with my trees, crops and animals i feel refreshed and welfare...